About me

IMG_2198I’m a writer, editor, mother, activist, and TV binge-watcher. I’ve done a bunch of things: Editor of the forthcoming book The Real Simple Guide to Real Life (May 2015). Deputy editor at Real Simple (yes, I know the best way to organize your spice drawer). Editor in chief at Time Out New York Kids. Senior editor at Glamour, despite not being even a little glamorous myself. Author of Dress Codes, a memoir about gender and sexuality, which doesn’t sound funny but is (I swear); it was nominated for a number of fancy awards you don’t care about, and has the dubious distinction of being featured on Oprah and Good Morning America without becoming a bestseller. (Seriously, that’s hard to pull off.) Coauthor (with Ellen Samuels) of Out of the Ordinary, an essay anthology about growing up with LGBT parents that is now (happily!) out of date.

Also: Columnist for Dame magazine. Writer for publications and websites such as The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, Salon, Yahoo!, The Daily Beast, among others.

I live in New Jersey with my husband, Christopher Healy, a writer of hilarious children’s books; my two ridiculously cool kids; and my beautiful, moronic dog.

HOW TO CONTACT ME: noelle@myfearlessyear.com

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